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Jeff Martin


Jeff Martin
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  • Just been through my inbox - my email regarding "how to update Firmware" to support was answered by them forcing an update to my TWINE overnight...... SO if you are at below NOV 15th then send a request in I guess
  • Mine has been running now for around 48 hours and finally is at Nov 15 F'Ware - will see if that makes a difference to responsiveness etc
  • Thanks Peter - I've tried Chrome, Firefox - Rules addition seems to be a slightly "random" process - it would be nice to have a feedback loop on the site so you caould see if the rule had been accepted and applied. I've added and deleted several rul…
  • mmmm, I'll leave my Twine powered up and see what happens - been through the setup procedure 3 times now and cant get it to update the firmware - wondered if there was a "trick" Thanks
  • Thanks Bill - Any idea how you got to Nov 15?? Or did yours ship with Nov 15?
  • Get nothing on WP7 Browser, unless I switch it to Desktop mode, however I get a whole bunch of Certificate Issues which cause even Desktop mode to be unusable as the error messages pop up so often that you cant get to the WebPage itself.
  • Found it
  • Rik - yo umay find issues with using Celsius scale, seems to not want to play, switching back to Fahrenheit gives me intermittent reports via email, but I think I've seen elsewhere that Twine are working on a fix for Celsius. I'm trying to work out …

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