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Clark Mitchell


Clark Mitchell
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  • Is it possible for you to increase in the character limit in the "then HTTP request" section of the rule website?  I want to send data to a google docs and I don't have enough characters available in the then window for my target url and the necessa…
  • This is a great thread! I was able to get the google docs part of this working without too much trouble, but then I too ran into the url length issue. I think I have solved that issue using which lets me pass a parameter along with…
  • Thanks Charlie. I figured something like that but was not sure. My issue is the boiler failing to restart after a power outage. I think I'm going to try writing temps to a spreadsheet so I can get some data. Then I can tighten up my alert temp witho…
  • What about "change from" in the rule condition instead of "change to"? So when orientation changes from front up, then do something?
  • Charlie, I love your post and am planning the same usage for my twine. My question to you is about monitoring for power outages. Do you monitor for this, or do you just trust that the temp alert will go off before you run out of back up battery?
  • I have sprint and SMS is working fine for me.
  • Yes, I agree that this would be useful. For example, I could put one in my kids car and alert when it connects to home wifi network.

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