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On board humidity sensor

If Twine could measure temp, humidity and presence of water on a remote sensor, Twine could effectively monitor seasonal rentals and condominiums at a very competitive cost. A tracking web server with notification usually costs $3-5 a month per unit. Please add on-board humidity.


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  • This being a feature request thread, I'm not looking for alternative
    solutions to Twine.  I'd like to see a humidity sensor similar to the
    water sensor.  Bottom line, 100% humidity IS wet but would be nice to
    know the actual relative humidity in my un-occupied condo via this
    single device to be used for both water detection and humidity.
    already have the alternative - Lacrosse weatherdirect.  And no, it
    doesn't require a PC - once you get the gateway setup on your network
    it's completely independent.  Having to have a PC running full time in
    my un-occupied condo would be a non-starter.  What I've been using is
    direct GW unit that hangs off your home network via an ethernet cable
    and wireless sensors wherever you want them.  I have one outdoors and
    one indoors for both temp and humidity logging and they can log to the
    website anywhere from every 5 minutes to every 2 hours (changable via
    their website remotely).  No firewall forwarding changes necessary -it's
    all http handshake . 
    For everyones info, this is what I have:  weatherdirect<dot>com
    tx60 temp/humidity wirless unit and weatherdirect gateway that can
    handle a number of tx60 devices.  They're made by LaCrosse.  Just search
    amazon for
    La Crosse Alerts D111.101.E1.WGB Wireless Monitor System Set with Dry Probe

    However, I can't use this for actual water detection
    because it's not waterproof and will ruin the sensor.   I'd really love
    it if Twine could have a humidity sensor that can get wet (thus a water
    presence sensor too).
  • you might take a look at the HOBO data loggers at -- widely used both in industry and in science education
  • Yikes I thought Davis was pricey but cheaper than HOBO. La Crosse Technology has/had some weather station models like the WS-2315AL which can be had for less than $150. But they need a cheap Windows box with a serial port to do the uploading. Plus the La Crosse units seem to be getting damn hard to find (check Amazon) and are not as reliable as the Davis stuff. Does get you 2 temp/humidity sensors plus wind and rain sensors for about 1/5 the cost of the equiv Davis. Note Davis has a unit that monitors 4 each temp and moisture sensors which would seem ideal for you but it does not upload their data to the default Wunderground site. You might be able to rig something custom though. See it has indoor temp/humidity and those added temp/moisture sensors even though they do not show.
  • Good luck finding any cheap (or expensive) Windows box with a serial port. The best you can do is there are serial to USB cables out there, but they are mostly flaky.
  • I have to say that serial to USB devices are not all flaky. We use them a lot here in an industrial environment and like anything, you get what you pay for. Bottom line is that serial devices can be used on modern PCs very reliably.
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