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Need help making breakout rules!

Hi, I connected my twine with a breakout board to my home domotica system.  I made a rule when breakout board is closed for one second then twitter 'closed for one second).  I made  another rule when breakout board is closed for 5 seconds then TWITTER 'closed for 5 second's.  Now when I close the breakout board for 5 seconds i get both TWEETS.  I can't figure out how to make the rules with the AND comment so that I can get different TWEETS for different events in my home.  Is it possible? Can anyone give me an example of how I should make the rule?

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  • But it's the only thing I need , the option to send different tweets/mails based on the input from the breakout board.  It was said that it would have analog measurement.  Now it hasn't (yet?)  there should be and/if option so I can overcome this problem 
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