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Making a door-knock alert?

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I am interested in having Twine send an alert whenever someone knocks on my front door when I am not home. However, this would also be set off by me entering/exiting. I was thinking about a way that my phone could 'check-in' to a database whenever it enters/leaves my home network. Then, if the twine registers a vibration alert to the same database, there could be a rule to either send a text or not depending on whether I am home.

Does anyone have an idea how to best go about doing this? 


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  • Bump, I too am very interested in a recipe covering this exact functionality. 
  • I have you tried playing with the vibration sensitivity settings? I have mine set and it seems to trigger when someone comes by my apartment door with a hand-truck, set at 1000 milli-g.
  • Is your front door a double door?  How about having the knocker on the (static) door that you don't come in through, so people would knock there and it would kick off the alert, but when you or others actually come in through the primary door it doesn't get set off (if your vibration settings are right).
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