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Twine & Arduino w/o Cloud Shield

I am excited to see the Cloud Shield.  When I looked into its current capabilities, I am more excited about the future ability to pass data back to Spool that I saw mentioned in another discussion.  So that got me thinking on whether there is a simpler way to connect my Twine and Arduino without a Cloud Shield.

Using a simple relay circuit board connected to the Twine breakout board, I send an on/off signal from an Arduino to your Twine account. The relay board I used is from but there are many others -- the cheapest I found is around $4 on Amazon.

The Auduino opens and closes the relay using 1 pin on the Arduino.   The sketch is 4 lines of code. The relay connects and opens the ground and signal inputs on the Twine breakout board.  The voltage from the Twine breakout board is not needed.

If anyone is interested, I am happy to share more information to get you going.

Off course, you don't get the nifty capacitance sensors like you do on the Cloud Shield...


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