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LED Rhythm and duration

It would be nice to have the ability to set a blink rhythm for the LED.

For example. You can set the duration by milliseconds, then enter something like 10100010
If duration is 5ms, then the LED would blink L
on for 5ms
off for 5ms
on for 5ms
off for 15ms
on for 1ms.
(Not adding a 0 at the end would leave the LED on.)

This could adapt to TWINE 2 where perhaps there would be a multi-color LED, so G0R0B could be used


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  • I'd second that; having the user given the ability to set their tech ability level, and thus their ability to dig deeper into the interface. If Twine takes off, this would allow for a cottage industry of "Twine Tuners" helping people to tailor their Twine for their needs.
  • This kind of thing is all very well for those of us who are techies, and think techie. But, given the Twine objective, I don't think grandma would handle this.
  • I think twine does a great job of having a simple option set for your grandma, with the more advanced "options pane" for us techies. For me, I'd love to see basic options of:
    Steady light for x seconds
    blink x number of times.

    With the advanced options allowing to set the parameters of the light such as Ms on and Ms off per flash.
  • any device should have broad capabilities not just for grandma.
  • could be fun to add morse code for led ;)
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