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Sending SMS via Google Voice Number

I don't have a US number but I have a US number via Google Voice. What is the proper SMS settings (which US carrier to use) so I can receive SMS from my Twine?


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  • You cant. Google doesnt provide an email gateway for SMS. Twine servers dont actually send SMS, they send e-mail to provider's SMS gateways, which in my case of google voice and t-mobile services, means I rarely get the alert.

    They said they are working on that. My hope is that they create an IFTTT channel as it would negate those issues. Likewise you could leverage and email (or maybe twitter) to get SMS alerts to google voice. Unfortunately, there's no good out of the box solution at this time.
  • I have the same issue/question Bill. I send SMS and email with the magnetic switch sensor. email seems reliable but the SMS does not.

    Here's a link to my support ticket:

    Twine said it was probably due to the TMo SMS email gateway as I receive the email and they send it out the same channel on their end.

    I have not yet tried, but I was going to have IFTTT watch for the email then send SMS (or phone call) to my google voice number. I'll post here with results, but I probably wont get to it for a day or two honestly.
  • But when I use the Test SMS button I get the text message on my Tmo phone, even though I never get the message defined in an Action. Why would they be different?
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